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Ear Nose and Throat

Most videos can be viewed with a wide range of browsers.  Flash and MPEG4 are the main video formats used.

Many videos are presented in MP4 video format.  It is cross platform and the high band width videos are of high quality. 
FLASH Videos will NOT work with the I-Pad, I-Phone or Android Operating Systems.  For these devices you must choose the MPEG4 format.   Most but not all videos are available in MPEG4 format.   For a list of MPEG4 videos which are compatible with I-Pad, I-Phone and Android devices go to:  http://www.entusa.com/mobile-device_videos.htm     

MPEG4 videos are offered in download speeds of 1024 Kbps and 512Kbps.  (Note Windows Computers running Explorer 11.0 or latter, Ubuntu Computers running OS Version 11.04 or latter and Macintosh Computers can also view MPEG4 videos.)  Flash Videos are offered in download speeds of 1024 Kbps, 512 Kbps and 256 Kbps.

Videos for a dial-up users are presented in WMV9 format.  


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