Microdirect Laryngoscopy With Resection of Laryngeal Suprglottic Cyst
Video of a Resection of a Supraglottic Cyst of the Larynx
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Microlaryngoscopy and Larynx Cyst Resection Video (1 min 42 sec)
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Removal of a Supraglottic Cyst of the Larynx
Laryngeal Cyst on
the Left False Vocal Cord

Five Month Postoperative Result After Cyst Marsupialization

Five Month Post-Op Result

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The patient is a 71 year old non-smoking female who presented with an intermittently hoarse voice.  On examination there was a mucoid cyst attached to the anterior portion of her left false vocal cord (anterior saccular cyst).  The patient underwent a microdirect laryngoscopy and the cyst was treated with marsupialization and if it recurs more extensive resection will be required.  However, at the patient's 5 month postoperative visit, there was no evidence of a recurrence (see bottom picture on the left). 

Play to Hear Patient's Voice:    


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