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Full Name: kim
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Date and Time: 11/27/06, 4:36 PM
Comments: I just found out that my father is going to have to have surgery to remove cancer in his throat. I went to the web because I feel that the more I know the better I can handle it. I have to tell you that when I went to you site and it blasted me with the mechanical voice that might soon be my father's it devastated me. I really believe that it should be an option, a link, to hear such. I was not ready to be hit with such reality. Please consider that many people who are looking to your site are doing so fresh with the news of this horrible future and don't need that slap across the face.
Full Name: kimberly
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Date and Time: 11/25/06, 7:21 PM
Comments: iv just had ear surgery last Thursday and looking on this site helped me though the worry i had
Full Name: Urii
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Date and Time: 11/20/06, 3:47 PM
Comments: Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site. I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks!!1
Full Name: ashraf
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Date and Time: 11/9/06, 3:12 PM
Comments: ent student
Full Name: Rhonda Rudolph
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Date and Time: 11/2/06, 11:16 AM
Comments: Hello, I coordinate the Jackson Tobacco Reduction Coalition in Jackson, Michigan. I would like to praise you for your webpage. It has wonderful resources to use. I hope to be able to open it when i am out at schools presenting information on tobacco cessation and secondhand smoke.
I have one question. When i was listening to the forum with the High School Students, you stated that secondhand smoke has 2 - 3 thousand chemicals in it of which around 60 are carcinogenic. All the information i have read indicates it is around 4,000 chemicals. What is your source of information on the lower number. We lose credibility when those in the prevention field are not saying the same thing. I just want my facts to be as accurate as possible. Again thank you for a wonderful website and a great resource.
Full Name: Angel Ernesto Tapia-Santiago
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Date and Time: 10/8/06, 9:44 PM
Comments: I quit smoking because I am simply terrified with the idea of having to talk through that horrible thing people put in the larynx. With that talking machine people sound like robots!
Full Name: Jersey
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Date and Time: 10/2/06, 1:33 PM
Comments: Thank for making this valuable information available to the public.
Full Name: Michael O'Hara
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Date and Time: 9/26/06, 11:10 PM
Comments: Hello Dr.Kavanagh
My name is Michael O'Hara. I am a Nurse Anesthesia Student at the University of Scranton. In regards to your wonderful site, it came up in a Google search for " photos of epiglottitis“. If you don't mind, I'd like to share them with my fellow students and faculty in addition to giving them address of your web site.
Respectfully, Michael O'Hara
Full Name: Sveta
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Date and Time: 9/21/06, 10:53 AM
Comments: Thank for making this valuable information available to the public.
Full Name: Prof. Fuad BRKIC, MD, PhD
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Date and Time: 8/31/06, 1:47 AM
Comments: Respectable Prof. Kavanagh,
your website(s), photos and movies are really excellent!! They are the place for most easier learn otorhinolaryngology (for students and doctors).
I have one question for you: Actually, I am preparing book of otorhinolaryngology for my students and my residents(language of book is bosnian). Can I use some of photos from your website in my book(or movies, because I am collecting data for ENT electronic course for our University Center for Distant Learning)?
If you are agree with my idea, it will very kind of you!!

Best regards!

Prof. Fuad BRKIC
Director of ORL clinic
University clinical center Tuzla
75000 Tuzla
Bosnia and Hercegovina
Full Name: Awad Osama
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Date and Time: 8/31/06, 1:50 AM
Comments: Many thanks for this great medical web site it is beneficial for us as ENT specialists.
Full Name: David
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Date and Time: 8/18/06, 8:45 PM
Comments: Thank you for posting the cancer biopsy videos.. I just quit smoking.
Full Name: Kim
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Date and Time: 8/16/06, 4:49 AM
Comments: Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site. I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks!!
Full Name: Laurel Sickinger
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Date and Time: 8/15/06, 9:01 PM
Comments: nurse practitioner ear, nose and throat
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Date and Time: 8/5/06, 12:12 PM
Comments: good notes
Full Name: Dr. Siddharth Rakholiya
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Date and Time: 7/27/06, 3:36 AM
Comments: Particularly interested for tympanoplasty, Stapedectomy, Mastoidtectomy, ETC.
Full Name: Gary Kasper
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Date and Time: 7/18/06, 11:08 PM
Comments: I'm a student studying to be a Hearing Instrument Specialist. This has been a great site for information and research. Thank you very much
P.S. Hi Jim
Full Name: Glenn
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Date and Time: 7/6/06, 9:36 AM
Comments: Very fine homepage and also very helpful ! Thank you for the service.
Full Name: Betty
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Date and Time: 6/28/06, 11:36 PM
Comments: Thank you for the information. I just has a tube placed in my ear this afternoon, I am a mature adult who needed a little more info and seeing the video was really helpful.
Full Name: mehmet erkan kaplama
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Date and Time: 6/12/06, 8:29 AM
Comments: hello,ı am doctor in turkey.  thank you for this page.  really this page is wonderfully will start ent surgery a few months later. this web site useful for me. ı start to learn English for understand this page. thank you..
Full Name: Chia-Huei Chu
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Date and Time: 6/11/06, 9:36 AM
Comments: from Veterans' General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan
Full Name: Wayne Baker
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Date and Time: 6/3/06, 4:49 PM
Comments: As a laryngectomy (15 years post-op)I have spoken to thousands of young people. I congratulate you on your site. I wish that I would have found it before. With your permission, I would like to use some of your material, especially the images. Thank You.
Full Name: Katrina Davis
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Date and Time: 5/25/06, 2:52 PM
Comments: hi i am 15 i am about to get ear tubes on June 5th 2006 i am really nervous what should I do?
Full Name: Jimmy
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Date and Time: 5/10/06, 7:24 AM
Comments: This site has a lot of great info for my project.  Nice day!
Full Name: Vickie A. Kennedy
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Date and Time: 4/26/06, 1:43 PM
Comments: Hello, my niece is 27 years old and has been diagnosed with vocal cord cancer. She is now having radiation therapy twice a day. Martha Stewart drup has been mentioned. Has anyone heard of that? Thanks.
Full Name: Dr Emeka V. Obi
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Date and Time: 4/10/06, 7:56 AM
Comments: Great learning & teaching aid for E.N.T residents and consultants.
Full Name: Grandma
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Date and Time: 4/2/06, 11:55 PM
Comments: Thank you for all the information on Adenotonsillectomy. My 3 yr old granddaughter has a problem with breathing, snoring and apnea. Your website has provided us with invaluable information, education and knowledge on the process. Some of it was hard to watch, but it’s all necessary for the betterment of her life. Much appreciation. Grandma.
Full Name: Renee Clinard
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Date and Time: 4/1/06, 11:51 AM
Comments: Thank you for all the information on larygneal carcinoma. It has been very beneficial for my Voice Therapy class at the University of Kentucky.
Full Name: willem romviel
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Date and Time: 3/27/06, 3:19 PM
Comments: i think that this will help me to know if i have tonsillitis
Full Name: Helen Crilly
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Date and Time: 3/10/06, 1:22 PM
Comments: (SCOTLAND U.K.) Very interesting and informative web site.
Full Name: Mike Huys
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Date and Time: 2/21/06, 7:47 AM
Comments: Tremendous ear ache (maybe eustachian tube) [it just started as of 2/20/06
Full Name: Keith Kelly
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Date and Time: 2/12/06, 6:50 PM
Comments: I had a fESS five days ago as a last resort to 6year chronic ear clogging and post-nasal drip. My ENT said that mine was one of the worse CT scans that he has seen in 20 years. I have the ESS booklet but your site gave me so much more info. I am glad I found this site AFTER my surgery. The videos might have deterred me from having the surgery. BTW, my ears are feeling better already.
Full Name: Eddie Waldrop
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Date and Time: 2/5/06, 9:06 AM
Comments: Great learning tool. Thanks for making it available.
Full Name: Diego Marcomini
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Date and Time: 1/30/06, 1:10 PM
Comments: I find in this page a very important material for teaching in the otologic area.  Thank You
Full Name: Matt
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Date and Time: 1/30/06, 7:12 AM
Comments: Fantastic website. Explained posterior nosebleeds better than anywhere else on the web and the rest of the site's not bad either ;)
Full Name: Joyce MacLaughlin
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Date and Time: 1/24/06, 11:52 AM
Comments: I have recently been diagnosed with a Cholesteatoma and have found your site an invaluable resource to explain my condition and what can be done about it. I feel confident enough to discuss it more clearly with my surgeon, I am much better informed thanks to you. Well done.
Full Name: heike Westhofen
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Date and Time: 1/21/06, 9:41 AM
Comments: Hello,
this is the greatest site about ear diseases I've ever seen! Thanks' a lot. You do a good job! I needed special information to do my job better.

Now I've got it!


Heike Westhofen
from good old Germany, living in the Ruhrgebiet. Düsseldorf, Cologne, Essen
Full Name: DavaiLama
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Date and Time: 1/8/06, 5:50 AM
Comments: Thanks for nice and actual info. Be the Best!
Full Name: Bob Borth
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Date and Time: 1/6/06, 12:51 PM
Comments: I smoked at least a pack a day for 35 years, quit in May of 1994, developed larynx cancer in 2004 at the age of 63, went through radiation for seven weeks and am now in my 2nd year of being cancer free.
Full Name: Donald Layton
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Date and Time: 12/24/05, 3:16 AM
Comments: Great website for lay persons like myself. I am president of the Inland Empire Nu-Voices Association a non profit head and neck cancer out reach specializing in total rehabilitation of laryngectomies, member IAL/ACS
Full Name: Michael A. Meske
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Date and Time: 12/21/05, 5:58 PM
Comments: Waiting on appointment to ENT doctor about sore in nose.
Full Name: Mike Lalonde
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Date and Time: 12/6/05, 10:59 PM
Comments: My name is Mike Lalonde. I'm 32 and live with my wife Brenda and our two dogs. I'm a police officer in the city of Sudbury, Ontario. Just wanted to say nice page you have here :)
Full Name: Dr. Magaly Zumaeta
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Date and Time: 11/24/05, 12:13 PM
Comments: wonderful!! is a very useful tool to help us to understand or clarify our knowledge about some diseases.
Full Name: emrah yasar
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Date and Time: 11/19/05, 4:40 PM
Comments: i am a student of turkish KTU medical school.
your videos about ear-nose-throat are really useful.
thank you very much.
Full Name: Fannie Spence Leake
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Date and Time: 11/5/05, 10:45 PM
Comments: Hi Dr. Kavanaugh,

I am an audiologist from your past. I worked with you when you were at UT. Hopefully, you will remember me (smile). You always thought I should get my doctorate. I just wanted you to know that I now have it. I graduated this past May from Central Michigan University. I thought you might get a kick out of that.

I hope things are going well for you and your family. Nice website. Take care!

Full Name: Rebecca Jernigan
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Date and Time: 11/9/05, 4:05 PM
Comments: Hi. I am a SCC Surgical Technologist student and will be in you room observing tomorrow. I was told about your web site to research some of the procedures in which I will be watching. I found the site very useful and interesting. It was nice to have a place to research these procedures before observing them. Thanks, Rebecca Jernigan
Full Name: dr.kailashgiri i goswami
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Date and Time: 10/18/05, 1:30 PM
Comments: hi i m profession surgeon and from India.  I m residing at usa at present and preparing my mle. i like these site. excellence and i feel great if i get more information regarding cardiac surgery. i assisted different type of heart surgery including beating bypass with total arterial revascularisation with radial arteries. i glad to get any information regarding those topic. give warm response to me.
Full Name: al barnett
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Date and Time: 10/18/05, 1:55 AM
Comments: 44/m smoker losing voice and have pain in throat
Full Name: Edilberto O. Pelausa MD FACS FRCSC
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Date and Time: 10/14/05, 8:46 PM
Comments: Great site - congratulations!
Full Name: Becky Jones
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Date and Time: 10/12/05, 7:30 PM
Comments: Tomorrow is my first clinical day with the surgical technology program at SCC.   D.Massey, my instructor, suggested I glance at this site tonight since I will be observing and possibly assisting some in your surgical procedures tomorrow. I found this site not only helpful but very interesting as well! Thanks...
Becky Jones
Full Name: Steve Thompson
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Date and Time: 10/9/05, 12:19 PM
Comments: I am a PA student and found your website while researching Otitis Media. Thank you for this great source of info.
Full Name: kristie
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Date and Time: 8/23/05, 11:14 PM
Comments: this is a great site and i am about to have surgery on my ear which i will be putting a tube in my right ear b/c of lots of fluid and hearing loss in it after a really bad ear infection and i am also taking my tonsils out b/c they r really large.. i was wondering if anyone can tell me at the age of 25 what kind of pain i am expected to have and how long can it take up for healing and what do they usually give for pain and will i be ok i am just scared to death of this b/c of my age wise.. anything would help thanks so much
Full Name: seok hoon, kang
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Date and Time: 8/21/05, 9:26 PM
Comments: hi, i am an korean family physician.
thanks for your teaching.
good help for me.
Full Name: joyce davenport
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Date and Time: 8/8/05, 7:46 PM
Comments: just stop in to view any information on sarcoidosis and vocal cord problems. 39 year old female with stage 3 sarcoid that's causing problems with voice. biopsy of left true vocal cord shows evidence of sarcoidosis being the reason for about 5 years of hoarseness.
Full Name: Desaray Cutter
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Date and Time: 7/26/05, 10:41 AM
Comments: I'm 15 years old and i am a trainer at southwestern high and this is one heck of a site to learn about your body i went to the kadabra lab and these videos are really cool!!
Full Name: clea air freak
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Date and Time: 7/22/05, 8:40 AM
Comments: Some really in depth information on the sinuses. Although informative and interesting, the videos were a little disgusting :)
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Date and Time: 7/13/05, 9:05 AM
Full Name: Judy Wade
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 7/6/05, 10:16 PM
Comments: Fascinating. I have been studying Oren Brown's book about vocal health. As a voice teacher I am very interested in learning as much as possible so that I can be of more help to my students as they discover their vocal potential. The photographs are extremely helpful. Thank you.
Full Name: Matthew Bernard Gouldstone
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 6/29/05, 10:38 AM
Comments: Excellent, as an aspiring medical student and trainee Biomedical scientist your web page is a vital resource to help me better understand conditions such as Otitis Media, which directly relates to a paper i am doing on Haemophilus influenzae and its associated infections
Full Name: wenen
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Date and Time: 6/23/05, 7:02 AM
Comments: I am a Chinaese.
Thanks,it's very nice!
Full Name: Karmen Earnheart
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 6/4/05, 9:44 PM
Comments: My 59 year old husband has just been diagnosed with a tumor near his voice box and 5 areas that are also affected by the cancer in the lymph nodes. Thanks for the information.
Full Name: Jennifer
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 5/28/05, 10:22 PM
Comments: Just found this website. I have had tubes in my eardrums for as long as I can remember....and i just had new ones put in 2 days ago. I am 25 and would like to talk to others that have otitis media.

Thank you! Jennifer
Full Name: Pedro Rodriguez
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 5/27/05, 10:32 AM
Comments: Quite an impressive web site. My 4 year old is going in for ear tubes after we noticed he was not always responsive when called.
This video has answered many of the questions I had regarding the process. I appreciate your sharing this professional knowledge and video footage with the rest of us.

Full Name: nancy harlow
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 5/9/05, 7:47 PM
Comments: I found this site very informative and a lot of help. I have a person in my life who is suffering from throat cancer in her voice box. I never found any booklets so that i could get them mailed to her though which I did on the UK website.
Full Name: Rich Jaskolski
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/26/05, 2:16 PM
Comments: My son is getting his adenoids removed for the 3rd
time and my surgeon has never had this problem or heard of taking them out 3 times.

Do you have any information on the reason?

Thank You
Full Name: Kenneth Sims
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Date and Time: 4/21/05, 11:10 AM
Comments: Learn more about research on Epiglottis cases
Full Name: Mathan
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Date and Time: 4/24/05, 10:44 AM
Comments: really good for a postgraduate trainee
Full Name: Don Layton
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/16/05, 8:19 PM
Comments: I'm the president of a head and neck cancer outreach organization in the Inland Empire area of California and area over 100 square miles wide housing numerous towns and cities, about 60 miles southeast of Los Angeles. We the Inland Empire Nu-vices Association are a non profit organization IRS 501(C)(3) working with the American Cancer Society. Can you advise how to obtain you permission to use your URL as a contact point window on our new website? We will also have the American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute and the International Association of Laryngectomees and others.
Full Name: Tina LaCoste
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 4/11/05, 11:00 AM
Comments: My father is in the final stages of larynx cancer. His tumor ruptured two weeks ago and now is spreading to other lymph nodes in the arms and head. He s doing good after two weekends of touch and go. I think it is the calm before the storm.
Full Name: Clinton D. Kirk
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 3/10/05, 4:37 PM
Comments: Saw an article about you regarding sailing in Lexington Herald. My wife and I live in Grand Rivers, KY. We have a 30' Hunter at Lighthouse Landing Marina. Would love to give you a sail and learn something when you are in the area.
Full Name: Evelyn Kyler
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 3/7/05, 10:25 AM
Comments: My father recently had surgery of his Carotids (OCT-04) in Dec. 04 he was told by his ENT he had paralysis of one vocal cord. My father is 75yrs old. What do you recommend for treatment and what has been most effective? Many Thanks for any assistance you can offer.
Evelyn Kyler
Full Name: mefleh aljader
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/12/05, 6:01 PM
Comments: I am ENT surgeon from Jordan,I have one year scholarship on Charlotte,NC
Full Name: Dr. amir sadiq
Home Page:
Date and Time: 2/11/05, 4:20 PM
Comments: hi i found this site very useful specially the calculators. for my medical notes this web site help me a lot.
Full Name: marie
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/4/05, 4:45 PM
Comments: School project
Full Name: Paula Duggan
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/27/05, 2:30 AM
Comments: I am a 48 year old female from Australia. I was a heavy smoker for 30 years. Diagnosed with cancer early October and had Laryngectomy 21st October 2004. I am doing well. Doctors happy and said they got all cancer. I am about to have radiation as a precaution. Not too happy about that. Oh well.
Full Name: Julia Jackson CST
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/16/05, 10:24 AM
Comments: Thank you for providing access to this information! I link to your site during the ENT lectures for my surgical technology students. this site makes a difficult and complex topic easier to understand! ...Great!!
Full Name: cathy hyvari
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/16/05, 6:32 PM
Comments: I have had 4 mastoidectomy's and I am still having problems with drainage and infections. I am a smoker and trying to quit. I am currently taking anatomy and physiology and have to do a presentation on disease so I chose mastoiditis since I live with it. Just wanted to say thanks for a informative web site I learned more than I thought I already knew.

Thank you
Cathy Hyvari
Full Name: Rick Cole
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/12/05, 3:10 AM
Comments: I found this site very informative,& well executed. I have a question that perhaps you may be able to answer for me. After a tympanoplasty,w/mastoidectomy,i have lost of the sensation of taste on the surface of my tongue.  It has only been 24hrs since the surgery, is it possible that swollen tissues may be affecting the chorda tympani,or more likely that the nerve has been permanently affected in the proceedure?  Thank you for you're time, Rick...
Full Name: Robert Jackson
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/19/04, 10:23 PM
Comments: Thank you Doctor Kavanagh for all of your hard work on the web site. Regards.
Full Name: Karen Rotzler
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/18/04, 1:50 AM
Comments: Your web site is awesome. I can't wait to share it with my ENT. I have scoured the internet for answers to my questions about my current bout of Acute otitis media which is being resistant to level 3 antibiotics. Thank you for providing such an all-inclusive website!
Full Name: Zuzu Payee
Home Page:  
Date and Time: 2/17/04, 7:23 PM
Comments: Greetings thanks for your wonderful information. I would be interested in know if there is a maximum age for women to have their tonsils removed? Thank you
Full Name: Gale Gardner
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/16/04, 4:45 PM
Comments: Kevin,
The Sx Instrument section is first rate, and I plan to start using it immediately as it stands. I may have suggestions later, depending on results. I'll send you my website URL later (can't remember it!) Gale
Full Name: Laurent Hogue
Home Page:  
Date and Time: 2/11/04, 8:35 AM
Comments: Hi ! Congratulations for your website. The content provided is clear and informative. It's good to see that GSK is behind your back.
Full Name: Alton H. Sugg Jr.
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/8/04, 11:50 AM
Full Name: Ray Ramos
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/8/04, 1:30 AM
Comments: I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your web site. It is very informative. I'm currently in grad school (nursing anesthesia) and studying the anatomy of the respiratory system and your videos were excellent. Thank you..
Full Name: George Kostov
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/4/04, 4:50 PM
Comments: PLEASE,HELP!

My brother has some kind of larynx cancer, and the surgeon wants to remove his voice box completely! Is this really the only option for him? He is 33 years old and he never smoked! He works as a cook. His voice sounded hoarse for a long time and he went to a doctor. Since then two surgeons make a total of three operations, and after the last one, the surgeon who made it, said that the first surgeon has had a mistake, and that there's nothing to worry about, but several days after operation he said that it's some kind of sarcoma and that the entire voice box must be removed and my brother will have to breathe trough some hole on his neck! As he said, my brother will lose his voice and sense of smell! That's awful!

I'm an engineer so I don't understand medical terminology at all, but this web site looks to me most complete of these I found regarding larynx cancer, so I'm asking hera for HELP. Please, my young brother doesn't deserve this!

P.S. I forgot to say - our grandfather (our mother's father) has died of larynx cancer but he was 74 years old, all-life-smoker. I personally quit smoking 4 months ago, and after seeing your site, I think I never would do it again...
Home Page: http://NONE
Date and Time: 1/27/04, 10:51 AM
Full Name: Dr. Niraj Bhatt
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/25/04, 1:00 AM
Comments: I am ent surgeon from India. Like to share my views and clinical experience with surgeon over usa. we have mass clinical work in India , with different conditions. kindly corresponded with me.. thanks
Full Name: Jeffery Boone,D.O.
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/18/04, 6:32 PM
Comments: Excellent source for update and CME. Thank-you for a great service. jboone
Full Name: Chris Mullally
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/12/04, 2:13 PM
Comments: Yours is by far the most detailed site I have seen on eardrums and ear infections. The photos are priceless for helping me understand my children's ears. Thank you for sharing it!
Full Name: DR. V. SRINIVAS
Home Page:  
Date and Time: 12/22/03, 3:47 AM
Full Name: Jordyn Wright
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 12/1/03, 2:35 PM
Comments: This was an excellent site in pictures. Not very many sights have the pictures needed to explain what mastoiditis is visually. It gave me a less complex answer of that mastoiditis is. Thank you.
Full Name: Lana
Home Page:  
Date and Time: 11/29/03, 3:04 PM
Comments: Your photos remind me of my childhood. I cannot remember a Chicago winter without and earache or sore throat/hacking cough. Luckily our MD did not believe those surgeries some people had to fix the ear canal. We just suffered through it. I did have my tonsils and adenoids out right before puberty. Thank goodness, I think.
Full Name: Dr.S.M.Khorshed Alam Mazumder
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 11/25/03, 2:53 AM
Comments: excellent presentation.
Full Name: kelly ducharme
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 11/24/03, 12:11 PM
Comments: I was very intrigued with your photos of larynx cancer. My father is a cancer survivor.
Full Name: Becka
Home Page:  
Date and Time: 11/23/03, 12:24 PM
Comments: I am a single mum so I don't have much time with my daughter. I came back home from a trip and my daughter's tonsils, maybe adenoids? like the ones on your picture. My friends going to print your page at the library so the nanny can take it to our medical practitioner. Thank you so much.
Full Name: Dale
Home Page:  
Date and Time: 11/18/03, 11:27 PM
Comments: I wish that you had been around when I was young. My brothers and sisters really suffered with earaches.
Full Name: Marilyn Dungan
Home Page:  
Date and Time: 11/18/03, 10:00 AM
Comments: I am a medical transcription student and was looking up the term Komed in the dermatology section of the book. I came across, on your site, the term Komed HC Lotion. Can you tell me what this is? There is another Komed for testing bacterial adipose tissue. I do not know which one I am looking for. Can you help? Remember, the only term I have to go with is Komed.

Thank you in advance,
Marilyn V. Dungan
Full Name: Helen J Murphy
Home Page:  
Date and Time: 11/12/03, 10:26 PM
Comments: I have suffered problems with my ears since an abscess formed at the age of 18. I am now an adult female of 44yrs with T tubes fitted in both ears since 1998. The right ear was perforated during surgery and i have since then put up with pulsatory tinnitus. Recently i have suffered bleeding from the right ear, and now have a better understanding of what is going on in there due to watching your movie on ear surgery. I found the site extremely informative. Thank you.
Full Name: Helmi Balfas
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 11/5/03, 7:01 PM
Comments: This web site is very beneficial in term of accessibility and simplicity. Very helpful.
Full Name: A. Banerje
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 11/2/03, 5:49 PM
Comments: Excellent site, particularly the pictures and videos.
Full Name: Barbara
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/23/03, 2:43 AM
Comments: I am an ENT nurse. Found your site very helpful and informative for new nurses and patients. Keep up the good work.
Full Name: Adrea
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Date and Time: 10/22/03, 4:24 PM
Comments: Thanks so much! The site was wonderful, and answered a lot of questions and brought up a lot of questions for me to ask the ENT, regarding my son's problems... Hopefully they will now have an answer for me, or other tests to run!!! thanks again for the wonderful site.
Full Name: Jenny McBroom
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Date and Time: 10/11/03, 11:51 PM
Comments: My daughter has a bad ear infection and she has a tube in. She has had blood draining for 7 hours. How much is normal? She obviously blew the tube out from a bad infection.
Full Name: ahmad
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Date and Time: 10/4/03, 7:39 AM
Comments: Hi doctor ,
My name is ahmad and I study medicine in Egypt , Ain shams Univ. I started having ENT this semester and while searching the net i found your site which is extremely very very good and It helps me .. Good luck :)
Full Name: Fred Elwell
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Date and Time: 9/29/03, 8:28 PM
Comments: Great site, for anyone with ear problems.............
Full Name: marsha leabo
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Date and Time: 9/7/03, 10:38 AM
Comments: have major problems with sinus, eyes, for many years, have had previous sinus surgery twice.
Have been diagnosed with atypical neuralgia in right side face, sinusitis. have seen numerous specialists, cannot get any relief, or get to the real problem. NEED HELP!!!!
Full Name: Satheesh Kumar.D
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Date and Time: 9/4/03, 6:06 AM
Comments: it's very useful to the doctors and also the professionals who are related to the field of Speech and hearing.  Because I am a professional in the field of speech and hearing, and I completed my bachelors and now doing my masters in speech and hearing. Thanks for providing this much information on the net.
Full Name: Sandra Holtzman
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Date and Time: 8/22/03, 1:30 AM
Comments: Thanks so much for this excellent site. I'll be up 'til the wee hours, so fascinating do I find it!!!

I'm a speech pathologist...
Full Name: Wendy Hill
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Date and Time: 7/30/03, 9:20 AM
Comments: This has got to be one of the most informative sites on any subject I've ever been to. It must have taken quite a bit of work. Thank you. I am a concerned wife and mother.
Full Name: A. Bostic
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Date and Time: 6/30/03, 7:36 PM
Comments: I have a three year old son who has had problems with his ears since he was born. He's had PE tubes put in his ears and the left one fell out 2 month after the surgery. He still has drainage and ear infections over and over again. The whole still has not closed from where the tube fell out. He has had minor hearing loss in his left ear due to all of this. I don't know what to do someone out please write back.
Full Name: cj de vera
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Date and Time: 6/26/03, 9:04 PM
Comments: This site is very educational. I particularly browsed about tympanoplasty coz i am advised to have one due to ear perforation. But ive been having second thoughts because of the different feedbacks i got from different eent's. They said that this could be life threatening and i would like to know exactly why. But basing on my research here on the net, the surgery guarantees a 90% successful outcome. I hope you could help me decide. I've been having hearing difficulties and I want it repaired but Ive been scared of the complications. Help... Nice site... Thanks for creating this site. Very helpful patients like us. More power!
Full Name: Jeanette Barrett
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Date and Time: 5/28/03, 5:07 AM
Comments: Enjoyed your site and gained lots more information in order to ask my doctor more questions as I have suffered with mastoiditis for over 17 years, 2 operations later I still have it.
So thank you for the in depth information.
Full Name: Ken Pawlowski
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Date and Time: 5/12/03, 9:46 AM
Comments: Good stuff. I am writing you about videos.

Great to have seen you in Nashville
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Date and Time: 5/3/03, 6:51 PM
Comments: Your sailing course on line is great!!
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Date and Time: 4/29/03, 10:26 AM
Comments: i'm ent doctor
Full Name: Richard Ian Reynolds
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Date and Time: 4/19/03, 7:21 PM
Comments: Informative about my inner ear condition.

Full Name: D. Johnson
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Date and Time: 3/17/03, 1:05 PM
Comments: I had a biopsy for leukoplakia of the vocal cords on Friday. After watching the video on this site, I don't think I can ever consider not stopping smoking. Thank you.
Full Name: Silviu Albu
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Date and Time: 3/9/03, 11:12 AM
Comments: Your site has enlightened my mind and deepened my knowledge on ENT diseases. Thank You very much for this opportunity.
Dr.Silviu Albu
Full Name: Ma. Emma Puno
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Date and Time: 2/26/03, 5:58 PM
Comments: Your website is very informative. I was just diagnosed to have a nodule on my right vocal cord yesterday. To a non-medical person, this is quite alien so I decided to surf the web. Thanks for the info I've found. Keep it up!
Full Name: Eman Sheta
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Date and Time: 2/6/03, 11:35 AM
Comments: WOW, what a wonderful site, I'm a student in the 4th year in faculty of medicine (IN EGYPT) & ur site helped me a lot in understanding ENT esp. the surgical videos but there r some operations with no videos as (mastoidectomy & others), Hope u can add them soon :)
Thanks a lot
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Date and Time: 1/22/03, 1:40 PM

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Date and Time: 1/17/03, 9:41 AM
Comments: dr.kav ... you did surgery on me 10 years ago when i was 18 , i was wondering what is was you took out my nose? not adenoids...anyways i have an enhanced sense of smell..somestimes good,sometimes makes me, contact me back if you will thank you.. RUSH LIMBAUGH RULES
Full Name: Danielle Hrnyak
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Date and Time: 1/14/03, 5:50 AM
Comments: I found the site very helpful in planning. My son is 5 1/2 and he is about to have tubes put in his ears and have his adenoids and tonsils out. I came to site looking for recovery time and how long he should be out of school and so forth and all my questions were answered. I highly recommend this site.
Full Name: Renonda Elrod
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Date and Time: 1/13/03, 9:04 AM
Comments: Great Site!!! It was very informative and easy to understand. My son is facing a possible tympanoplasty for a severe retraction, and now we can understand the procedure a bit more. Thank you...
Full Name: ashok wasan
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Date and Time: 11/23/02, 4:26 AM
Comments: excellent work
Full Name: Jeff Hoover
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Date and Time: 11/12/02, 9:43 PM
Comments: very, very good, but I would expect nothing else from Dr. Kavanagh.....
Full Name: DR G S N MURTHY
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Date and Time: 11/5/02, 1:55 AM
Comments: excellent site for students and surgeons also
Full Name: Barb (Mieczkowski) Haaf
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Date and Time: 9/25/02, 3:13 PM
Comments: I was visiting Classmates.COM & saw that you had a website. As I get older, I think it's very interesting to see how other Class of 72 members are doing.
Full Name: A.karthikeyan
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Date and Time: 8/15/02, 8:45 AM
Comments: i praise u for the information in ur site
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Date and Time: 8/11/02, 3:03 PM
Comments: Excellent, informative web site. Found it very interesting and will add to my favorites!!!!
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Comments: The design and contents of this web site are exceptionally good and informative
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Date and Time: 6/9/02, 11:06 AM
Comments: im doing a report on smoking and the effects.
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Date and Time: 5/29/02, 3:39 PM
Comments: Excellent material on this site.
Full Name: zia syed
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Date and Time: 5/17/02, 6:00 AM
Comments: congratulations doc, the site is excellent and very informative, I have added it to my favorites, will be looking it in detail later .
Full Name: kostas bogris
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Date and Time: 5/14/02, 1:47 AM
Comments: superb site for ent's. Many thanks to everyone. I found difficulties on downloading the ''free'' part of the site.
greetings from Greece
Full Name: Dr.Vivek Madhukar
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Date and Time: 4/21/02, 3:11 AM
Comments: wonderful-n-informative
Full Name: kimberly.Lobo
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Date and Time: 4/12/02, 7:12 AM
Comments: Very informative site.
Clearly Laid out.
Easy to understand to anybody not connected with the medical sciences too.
Thank you.
Full Name: jacquitta flowers
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Date and Time: 4/8/02, 7:03 PM
Comments: i'm trying to do my home work on voice box and i was having a little promnjgfdghfuhjvcx
Full Name: natasha
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Date and Time: 3/30/02, 5:16 PM
Comments: i really like your photos, and how you add so much detail.
Full Name: alnasrallah
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Date and Time: 3/28/02, 4:59 PM
Comments: Really fantastic results not like ours!
Full Name: William M. Moore
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Date and Time: 3/23/02, 11:04 AM
Comments: am due for a total removal of my voice box and trying to get more information on this
Full Name: Ron Wolfe
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Date and Time: 2/27/02, 10:00 PM
Comments: Great site i have even passed on site to my ENT in australia.

One question i had surgery three years ago a Have equilibrium problem on side of operation but a lot of head muscle tension two days after the operation , What muscles do you cut when doing incision behind the ear because i have been told that this is what has given myself the muscle tensions. have a good day Ron
Full Name: kenneth baidoo
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Date and Time: 2/27/02, 5:56 PM
Comments: An impressive site but I could not go through all the material available.
Full Name: faith
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Date and Time: 2/26/02, 5:24 PM
Comments: yeah, am a secondary 3 student and were learning about the ear and like, my teacher didn't find out about why our ear lobes have bumps and it's just not straight. and like all the bumps and little things on your ear .we are not sure if it for sound wave or not. but like if u can give me any information please do! thank you and your website is the best
Full Name: Dr. Abbas Zafar
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Date and Time: 1/23/02, 11:02 AM
Comments: I am working in a teaching unit in Pakistan, and I believe this is an excellent site which my students will use.
Full Name: Jaleesa Jaikaran
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Date and Time: 1/22/02, 7:24 PM
Comments: Its a good site but all I wanted was a picture of the ear and when I clicked on the picture button I got all kinds of infections!
Again, good site though.
Full Name: Alexus Adams
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Date and Time: 1/13/02, 8:18 PM
Comments: I like Dr. Kavangah he did a good job on my ear. My ear is suppose to be on the internet.
Full Name: Jon A. Brinkman, D.O.
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 1/10/02, 3:40 PM
Comments: Dr. Kavanagh,
My name is Jon Brinkman, and I am currently an ENT/Facial-Plastics Resident at Grandview Hospital in Dayton, OH. I am a recent graduate of Pikeville College School of Osteopathic Medicine. I am originally from Kentucky and plan to return to Kentucky to practice. I am currently looking around the country for places to do out rotations in the next couple of years and your practice and surgical variety are very impressive. I was wondering if you could send a quick note back to offer some advice on my electives as well as comment on whether or not you are willing to have an ENT resident in with you for a few months.
Thank you for your time.
Full Name: Chris R
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Date and Time: 1/10/02, 1:36 PM
Comments: I am recovering from a stapedectomy and found the site useful. Thanks. Chris
Full Name: Elvira Soto
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Date and Time: 1/5/02, 8:39 PM
Comments: Congratulations. Best ENT site I've ever visited
Full Name: Brian darlaston
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Date and Time: 12/17/01, 6:01 AM
Comments: I am a computer technician at De montfort University. i have been asked to take a look at your site by our speech therapy unit as they are most interested in using computers for teaching.
Full Name: ELLIE W.
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Date and Time: 11/7/01, 12:27 PM
Comments: Thank you for a very informative web site. My son is having adenotonsillectomy today and I really found answers to all my questions on the process and the recovery.
Full Name: Jennifer Slagg
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Date and Time: 11/7/01, 1:25 AM
Comments: I just wanted to say thank you for the information you provided about tonsillectomy. My son just had surgery and I was a little worried when he had some bleeding after 4 days. Thanks for the information, we didn't receive much info after surgery and it was of course midnight!)
You saved me a trip to the emergency room!
Thanks again!
Full Name: Dr.Ajeet Chamania
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/4/01, 2:00 AM

I find quite informative. I am doing my postgraduation in otorhinolaryngology . If possible send me other information at my above E mail address.


Dr.Ajeet Chamania
Full Name: Jeff Phillippi
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Date and Time: 9/14/01, 11:17 PM
Comments: Doc, you have an excellent website. For those of you who don't know Dr. Kavanagh, he's the best! This man saved my life 6 years ago by removing my thyroid. I had thyroid cancer and he performed the surgery. Doc, many thanks to you and your staff! You're the best!!! Also, God bless America in this time of tragedy. Please say a prayer for those who lost love ones and friends in the recent terrorist acts on the United States.
Full Name: tina simpson
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Date and Time: 9/11/01, 1:00 AM
Comments: what a creative web site i am trying to quit smoking an looking at sites that talk about cancer
maybe that will help me.
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Date and Time: 9/10/01, 9:38 PM
Comments: This is a great site, my brother is one of your patients. I live in Indiana and I'm able to watch his progress!
Full Name: Jeff Marcum
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Date and Time: 8/30/01, 9:51 AM
Comments: I find the information on the page well laid out and very educational.
Full Name: Jimmie Bilbrey
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Date and Time: 8/20/01, 10:05 AM
Comments: My husband, Herman Biklbrey, is one of your patients. He had his voice box removed in Nov. 1994.
Full Name: Patrick M. Kane,M.D.
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Date and Time: 8/18/01, 11:38 AM
Comments: I am an ENT in Naples Fl. This is a great site.
Full Name: Dr Brian Carter
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Date and Time: 8/17/01, 3:35 PM
Comments: I am a medically qualified translator, German to English, British nationality.
I am involved in translating a text on intraoral tumours and the reconstruction of defects. Your site has helped me with some terminology, thanks.
Full Name: Amelia Bassett
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Date and Time: 8/13/01, 3:37 PM
Comments: Nice informative site: Was expecting interactive availability with office for questions and answers perhaps appointments.. but I guess that would be a never ending proposition.
Full Name: Edna S. Burton
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Date and Time: 8/4/01, 5:42 AM
Comments: I am one of your patients. Very informative.
Full Name: Elaine
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Date and Time: 8/1/01, 7:34 PM
Comments: Dr. Kavanagh, I think this is a wonderful site. I have tinnitus and have to wear a hearing aide due to having lost about 60% of my hearing. I had a lot of ear infections and bad tonsils years ago and had my tonsils out when I was eight. My granddaughter had to have tubes in both ears when she was nine months old but has done great every since. Keep up this great site.
Full Name: Kevin Kavanagh
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Date and Time: 7/28/01, 7:05 PM
Comments: Not that many Kavanagh's where I live so it was strange to see this come up.
Full Name: Renaee Franks Varner
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Date and Time: 7/24/01, 5:37 PM
Comments: Just doing ABR research and wanted to see what Dr. Kavanagh has done since he left UT
Full Name: Choonsik Park
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Date and Time: 7/20/01, 11:51 PM
Comments: Dear Sir.

I am pleased to know you and web site and I am Dr, Park.

I would like to buy your Video tape of thympanoplasty, please let me know it's procedure and whole products list with price.

Your prompt response will be highly appreciate.

Best Regards

C. S . Park
Full Name: Keith and Wanda Lockridge
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Date and Time: 7/20/01, 1:50 PM
Comments: You really have a lot of good info. on this site. I just hope people realize that this is what smoking can do, some never learn. Wanda Lockridge
Full Name: Harish Kumar Racherla
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Date and Time: 7/12/01, 5:26 AM
Comments: From Jan 14th 2001 iam suffering with "bell praly"
please can you tell me the further action.
Full Name: Pamela
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Date and Time: 7/4/01, 9:05 AM
Comments: My son is having ear tube surgery, your site was very helpful. Thanks
Full Name: kathleen ackley
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Date and Time: 6/20/01, 11:56 AM
Comments: My friend is dying from throat cancer.
Full Name: Casey Phillippe
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Date and Time: 6/19/01, 9:22 PM
Comments: Nice website Dr. Kavanagh. See you in 3 months.
Full Name: Robin Kirby
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Date and Time: 6/1/01, 12:18 PM
Comments: Loved your site. I was just looking to see if I could find out the difference between the T-tubes, and the butterfly tubes. My son (13) is having his 3rd set (T-tubes) removed and having them replaced with the butterfly ones. I have no idea what the difference is.
Full Name: Jessica Lyn Barker
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Date and Time: 5/15/01, 10:04 AM
Comments: I am a singer in high school, And I think it's interesting knowing more about the voice box and other smoking facts to help me fulfill what I need to perform to my limits.
Full Name: steven arnold
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Date and Time: 5/14/01, 10:12 PM
Comments: former patient thankz for doin such a great job!steven arnold 13yrs old thankz again doc.
Full Name: john watson
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Date and Time: 5/9/01, 2:29 AM
Comments: Great Job, Dr Kavanagh. Also, the family
involvement is encouraging.
Who knows? Maybe I'll try my hand at Website
stuff. Maybe it'll help with locum jobs and
IME's, other things.
Thanks for the hearing calculator too
John Watson MD
Corvallis, OR
ps are you going to september meeting?
Full Name: rich tyler
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Date and Time: 5/1/01, 4:39 PM
Comments: kevin
it was good to see you and the family.
glad everyone is having fun.
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Comments: thanks!!!

a lot of photos & video clips made me crazy.

thanks a lot.

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