Vocal Cord Polyp Video Jan 1, 2003
Facial Flaps
Three New Flaps Added Site Reformatted
Jan 19, 2003
Vocal Cord Cyst Video Jan 21, 2003


Eardrum With a Pinhole Perforation Valsalva Video Feb 1, 2003
  Numerous Ear, Larynx &
Facial Flap Pictures
  Stapedectomy Video Using
Kurz Stapedectomy Prosthesis
May11, 2003
  Article on Internet Distribution of Medical Research Papers.  A survey of the World Association of Medical Editors June 20, 2003
  12 Minute Video on
Second Hand Smoke
July 7, 2003
  Expanded Noise Induced Hearing Loss Section Aug 15, 2003
  Superior Laryngeal Nerve Paralysis Video Sept 30, 2003
  Laryngeal Nerve Paralysis Caused by a Cerebral Vascular Accident Video Oct 30, 2003
  Multiple Ear and Facial Flap Follow Up Pictures Added Nov  30, 2003

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