Facial and Nose Reconstruction With Nasal Labial Flap, Skin Cancer, Kevin Kavanagh
Facial and Nose Reconstruction With Nasal Labial Flap, Skin Cancer, Kevin Kavanagh

Advancement Facial Flap for Ear and Face Reconstruction
in a Patient With Basal Cell Carcinoma ( Skin Cancer )



A patient with a large basal cell carcinoma skin cancer involving the front of his ear and face.   Most cancers in this area are due to sun exposure. A triangle of skin is excised inferiorly to close the defect--see blue planned incision.   However, a portion of the defect could not be closed.


An advancement flap was elevated above the temporal parotid fascia.  An incision was made from the ear's helix to the lateral canthus of he eye.   Note the flap is retracted using a tissue rake and the skin is not grasped.




The flap is advanced in place and sewn into position with little tension.
This patient's skin was very delicate.  Note the tissue injury were the flap was grasped with tissue forceps.
One day result, side view.  Blue area shows injury where skin was grasped with forceps.


Eight day result,
side view.  The forceps injury has healed.



5 week post op result 4.5 month post op result



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